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Chapter 15 (Archerfield) Sports Aircraft Association of Australia is a group of aviation enthusiasts interested in building their own aircraft.

The aircraft we build fall predominantly into the Experimental category and vary across the spectrum from wood and fabric construction through to conventional riveted and even advanced composite material construction.

The SAAA has something to offer everyone with an interest in sport aviation, whether you're a builder, a pilot or just enjoy being around aircraft and fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Anyone is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings - broaden your horizons, make new friends and learn new skills.

If you're thinking about building your own aircraft, then the SAAA is your starting point. We can provide advice and technical information. We have a broad talent base in our chapter, with experienced builders across the complete range of building techniques, and Technical Councillors who can guide you through the challenges of any project and help you to build a competent safe aircraft.

Chapter 15 is the home of Australia's first homebuilt jet aircraft, The JG-2.

The chapter meets the first thursday of each month usually at 8PM. Meetings are usually held at the ATAE rooms at Archerfield airport on Beatty road next to the Royal Aero Club building.

Next Meeting - 7:30pm - (07/02/2013) We have Rodney Duffield coming from SAAA Chapter 22 on the Sunshine Coast. Rod is coming to talk about his Russian Polikarpov 185. He has spent over 6000 hours rebuilding the aircraft and has had lots of experiences to talk about. He will be sharing those experiences with us on Thursday night. Should be a great night. Don't forget the 7:30 start time.

Note!!! We meet at RQAC Hanger 1 Archerfield Airport


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