Fred Lindsley

Forrester (Fred) Lindsley’s Daylight on Dreamships


EDITOR'S NOTE: This webpage is a tribute to Forrester (Fred) Lindsley.

The photo above was taken of Fred about a year or so ago before he had become unwell, the picture on the wall just behind him shows the F-22A Raptor, the latest in aeronautics and yet this man was only born ten years or so after the Wright Brothers first flew their Wright Flyer over Kittyhawk. He had grown up with the aviation industry and loved every aspect of it, he had seen many things come and go and had many tales to tell (good and bad). Men like Fred are unique and only come along once in a while. We will miss his wisdom and knowledge. May he rest in peace.

Forrester Lindsley was a member of SAAA and SAAA Chapter 15 for many years and we all knew him as Fred. Fred was an avid writer on all things aeronautical for SAAA and other organisations. He literally wrote hundreds of articles for SAAA. He maintained that education was the key to SAAA's existance. One of his more well known articles he wrote was the "Daylight on Dreamships" series of articles. Which appeared in SAAA "Airsport" magazine for a number of years.

We will reproduce them here on our SAAA Chapter 15 webpage. As they are converted to computer format we will add them to this webpage. We have the first parts of the series here already, the rest are coming.

Please keep in mind these articles were written back in 1988/89 and reflect on Fred’s thinking of day, they also refer to events that happen around that time. This series of articles have not been changed in any way and are a direct copy from out of SAAA’s "Airsport" magazine. We hope you enjoy them as a lot of other people did back in 1988.

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