Clifton Flyin

The fly in at Clifton on Saturday March 9, 2008 was well attended. Approximately 50 aircraft attended. The weather was sunny but windy at the field. Clifton is a small country town halfway between Toowoombah and Warrick. Trevor Banges field is about 6km outside of Clifton. You drive through all this quite country side and then suddenly you come to this hive of activity. Lots of aircraft in the sky and large numbers of cars parked in a paddock. It is a strange feeling to suddenly come across a busy little airfield after driving through so much nothing. At the gate you are given directions on where to park you car and are asked for a small donation towards keeping the flying doctors in the air.

As soon as you get out of your car your eyes are taken by one or other of the variety of aircraft spread out over the field. There were planes of all different sizes - from the lightest of the ultralights (quickslivers and thrusters) through to twin prop, six seat aircraft. The pilots / owners of all the aircraft are only too happy to talk about their pride and joy. They seemed vary patient and didnt tire of answering - "So what is it ?", "How long did it take to get here ?", "Did you build it yourself ?". Or any other of a 1000 questions they must have been asked many times before.

Tea, Coffee, soft drinks and food were available for a modest cost - I think the catering was provided by the local rotary club. Thanks must go out to the local volunteers for manning the stands and providing everyone with such good service. Shade was provided under cover of tarpaulins and some seating was available.

After a visit to the Clifton fly-in I felt inspired to build something myself and swore that next time I would fly in instead of drive - okay I might have to drive a few more times but I at least want to be working towards having something to fly :)

Below are is a gallery of shots that I took on my mobile phone. Apologies for the quality / low resolution - couldnt find my real camera before I headed out. Click on one of the thumbnails for a larger view.

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